The Battle of the Blood Moon

The Battle of the Blood Moon is a six-issue comic series, based on the paranormal-thriller novel Blood Moon by Holly Hunt. Issue 1 was written by Holly and drawn by the talented Rajen Ramkallawan, with Rajen returning to illustrate the covers of each issue, Alan Dukardt taking over all interior artworks for issues 2-6. 

After a creature known as the Ontario Wolf attacks a high-profile child in Quebec, werewolves have come to the forefront of human thought in a very terrifying new way. 

Werewolves Are Real. 

As the human governments do what they can to stop the wolves, two young adults, Olivia and Charlie, set out with Charlie’s mum Angela, to do what they can to stop the wolves. 

On the way, they discover that Olivia and Charlie are half-siblings, werewolves are vicious, and that there are far worse running the night than a pack of hungry dogs…

Six issue cover spread
Six issue cover spread

The Battle of the Blood Moon Issue 1 was released to comic book stores on March 27, 2015, with issues released once every two months. Ask at your local comic store to see if they stock it. If not, either urge them to do so, or send me an email, and I will sell direct.

Issue 1: 27 March 2015 – Amazon Links (Kindle, Print)
Issue 2: 19 June 2015 – Amazon Links (Kindle, Print)
Issue 3: 21 August 2015 – Amazon Link (Kindle)
Issue 4: 31 October 2015 – Amazon Link (Kindle)
Issue 5: TBR December 2015
Issue 6: TBR February 2016

Thanks to the generosity of over 100 backers, I am very pleased to announce that The Battle of the Blood Moon is fully-funded (well, the printing, at least), and we’re on our way forward with Issue 5, now on page 14 of 17! 

Happy hunting…

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