The Issues

E-comic released March 04, 2015, click here to buy
Print: March 27, 2015
Issue 2 of 6 =>

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When the moon declares war on humanity, there can be no winners… Born from the primordial ooze of a long-dead wasteland, Alitaca and her wolves must kill humans to live. But humanity isn’t going down without a fight. When the world’s leaders begin to disappear, it’s up to Olivia and her strange friend to stem the wolf-borne tide. In a war with nothing to lose, there is nothing left to hide. After a creature known as the Ontario Wolf attacks a high-profile child in Quebec, werewolves have come to the forefront of human thought in a very terrifying new way. Werewolves Are Real. As the human governments do what they can to stop the wolves, two young adults, Olivia and Charlie, set out with Charlie’s mum Angela, to do what they can to stop the wolves. On the way, they discover that Olivia and Charlie are half-siblings, werewolves are vicious, and that there are far worse running the night than a pack of hungry dogs…

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